Service Department

Let's face it. Discovering that your vehicle needs service isn't exactly the best news.  In fact, some people genuinely dislike even the thought of bringing their car in for service.  These people, unfortunately, haven't yet been surprised by the better service found at Coastal Auto Center.

With factory-trained technicians using the highest quality diagnostic equipment and genuine Nissan & Volkswagen parts, Coastal Auto Center is the place to ensure the maintenance and service work performed on your vehicle is done professionally, on time, and with exceptional customer service.

The Coastal Auto Center Service Department is also the place to ensure you're well taken care of while we take care of your car.  We proudly offer a large range of amenities, like free Wi-Fi, to keep you happy and comfortable while your car is in our good hands.

  So, the next time your vehicle surprises you with a check engine light or a funny noise, you can feel good about knowing the Service Department at Coastal Auto Center is here to treat you and your vehicle with the greatest of care.

Discover just how surprisingly simple the purchase experience is at Coastal Auto Center!